February 16, 2021

I’m beginning to remember 
stirred by the calling of the wind 
It brings along an earthy sense of wonder 
Of the type of woman that I’m becoming

I feel a calling 
A summoning back to Mother Earth 
a strong desire to go swimming in the river 
To sit in solace by the hearth 
I’m beginning to remember
As if I’m waking from a dream
I see my own reflection in the water
quickly dissipated by the stream

Her eyes are smiling at me 
They’re singing a love song 
her face is serendipitous 
There’s courage, power, vulnerability
A sense that I belong 

Slowly, I am waking 
The fearsome path becoming clear 
My trepidation is subsiding 
I can sense that I am near 
I’m beginning to remember 
how this was all by choice
The song within has found its calling
the lyrics of my life have found a voice

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