My Story

Since I can remember, I was always seeking something. I was a pensive and inquisitive child, wanting to understand why people do the things they do and what motivated them to do so. I also really loved learning. School was FUN for me – not the act of going to school, the act of learning new material (although my grades were shit but only because I was lazy, lacked motivation, and didn’t have the proper guidance). So growth and self-development were always important to me. It was the only way I could get closer to feeling WHOLE.

Being that my parents immigrated to NYC from Belarus with high hopes and big dreams for their two daughters, I was often reminded that I had to chose a career that would make me “lots of money” or, just marry someone rich. Frankly, I did not have a bit of interest fulfilling either one of their aberrations nor did I have any clarity about who I would be “when I grew up”. God knows how many times I’ve changed my mind about my vocation, but I was certain that helping others would be a big part of it.

Now that I’m all grown up, I actually feel like I’m doing just that with my role as a Practice Coordinator at the dental office, where I am in a very unique position that allows me to have an influence on those I closely work with. I find that every interaction is meaningful, abundant with lessons, and is an opportunity to have a positive impact. Which is why I’m always asking myself:

“What type of leader do I aspire to be? How can I, as a leader, uplift, inspire and motivate my team and everyone else I cross paths with“?

I consider writing to be another passion of mine and have been journaling since I can remember. I’m a voracious reader and you’ll always catch me with a new book or listening to a podcast or audio book in my free time. I love learning and am a collector of books and experiences! I make mistakes – lots of them! – and I’m choosing to hang them out to dry because it’s what will set me free. Doing, falling, getting up and sharing is my recipe to personal freedom and a more fulfilling life.

Thanks for reading friend! I look forward to the journey 🙂

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