Mama, why is that you feel so close as if you are still here?

I know I can’t physically touch you 
But what if
If I just reach a little longer 
And hold on a little stronger 

That I could feel your hand in mine?
The way I did when you had left your body 
The way I did as your health declined 

You left your vessel just a couple days ago
But your presence lingers here
I feel your light envelope me 
And keep thinking that you will reappear 

Mama, I wanna lay my eyes on you 
And see your smile fill up the room
I miss your light and love
You filled our hearts with
which in your absence are filled with gloom

I wanna know you’re still around 
And ask for signs to reassure my heart 
I promise that I’ll stay opened to you, mama
And that we’ll never grow apart 

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