March 2020

Last year, I asked the universe for guidance 
I gazed up at the stars above
And sat to write a poem for you 
Inspired by the torment of our love

I spiked a fever as I wrote 
Tryin’ to comprehend what had transpired
Why did we chose to go our separate ways?
When did we become so uninspired?

I heard my inner child speak to me
of imminent sadness lingering near
That I’d be spending time with solitude,
Living life on verge of fear

I feel your presence close as ever 
My heart still beating to be yours 
As if our worlds are still colliding
Like we never closed those doors 

I write this poem in solitude 
Seems like my requests were given life 
My path all laid out in front of me
A path I’m willing to survive 

I ask the universe for guidance 
I look up to the stars above
I cry for their consolation
I pray to them to bring me love 

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