Welcoming Grief

 I often turn to write when I am faced with challenging and painful moments in life, so it is to no surprise that I have leaned on this yet again as I mourn my mom’s passing and try to adjust to life without her. It was a gift and honor to have been given an opportunity to get to know mom as a person and to be able to care for her as she made her way back home. Because even in mom’s final moments of transition, she was helping me with my own personal transition, preparing me to be strong and resilient, just like she always was.

Yet, despite the loss of such a beautiful and brave soul, I am left feeling an overwhelming surge of GRATITUDE and joy because I am reminded not only of how many loved her, but also that I too am loved and thought of. I was reminded that neither I nor my sister or dad were alone in this and that we would be OK because of the support we have. 

I feel so blessed…

So, this is my way of thanking and recognizing each and every person that wished mom their condolences and kept us in their thoughts and prayers. I’ve always believed in the power of prayer and I truly believe that it’s what’s giving our family the strength and grace to travel this path without mom being here. 

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