Questions to Guide You On The Path to Your Calling

In my previous post, I wrote about the difference between a career and a calling. In part two, I follow up with a list of questions that will propel you to navigate the rough terrains of your subconsciousness to get you some answers.

Answers that will hopefully sharpen your awareness and bring you clarity about your calling. I know I’m being dramatic here but it felt like I had won the lotto with these! If you’re a development and growth junkie like me, you’ll understand why the questions below have so much value to them … and why they make me feel like I have struck gold.

Read these thoroughly and answer them honestly. Reflect on your answers and see if it brings anything up in you. It’s a wonderful exercise to help you dig deep and discover some hidden gems.

“The calling you receive often taps into not just one or two of these things but all of them” (Leader Shift, p. 242)

If there was one thing that you would do for the rest of your life, even if you never got paid for it, what would you do?

What do people often ask for your help with?

What experience have you had that you desire to help others with?

What lights you up?

What do you love learning about?

What could you talk about for hours and hours?

What activities are always self motivated to you?

What can you do that makes a positive difference in the lives of others?

What would you like to do that would live beyond you?

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