New Day, New YOU: Don’t Wait For a New Year To Go After What You Want

As we enter the New Year, or as my boss jokingly put it, “the roaring 20’s”, most of us will probably end up setting some type of resolution with the intention to become better versions of ourselves.

I say, don’t wait for the beginning of a new year. Take advantage of the opportunity granted to you every day that you wake up. The gift of the universe is that it allows us a reset every single morning we wake up. Set an intention for the day and stick to it. Make a list and check it off when you have completed it. See how good that makes you feel and be proud of yourself!

And start small. Baby steps will bring you LARGE results (a notion I constantly have to remind myself off). Your list doesn’t have to be loaded with unattainable tasks and can include something minor such as smiling at a stranger, holding the door for someone, or giving your coworker a compliment. The point is to build a habit around mindfulness and doing things that matter to YOU.

And don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Do something that “scares” you. There is actually very little difference between fear and excitement and the same chemicals (adrenaline and cortisol) are released when we experience these emotions. The only factor here at play is really how we perceive and respond to external situations. So try something different, put on a pair of different colored glasses, and look at the world from a “glass half full” point of view.

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