It’s nice to have crossed each other paths …

I’m Helen and I’m a collector of life experiences, a life-long learner, and am committed to living a conscious life. I started this blog to share the valuable lessons that I gained along my journey, with the hope that it’ll help others (you) navigate the sometimes rough, yet wondrous terrains of life.

From the Blog


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The language of the soul and my personal catharsis, poetry has provided me with a sense of solace and relief during challenging moments in my life, and an attempt to understand and express vulnerable emotions such as heartbreak and sorrow.



A Collection of My Favorite Podcasts & Books


Not only are podcasts rich in mental nutrients, they have provided me with valuable insights and understanding about what it means to live life consciously. I invite you to explore some of my fav podcasts – may they bring you closer to yourself.


As an avid reader, learner, and collector, I’ve gathered a wealthy collection of books that provided me with the knowledge and tools to live a conscious life. In sharing these with you, my hope is that you deepen your awareness and gain worthy nuggets of wisdom.

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